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WikiLeague:Main Page/Services

From WikiLeague

WikiLeague offers various services for wikis. This list is not exhaustive and becoming a member site of WikiLeague does not mean that we will apply all of these if you don't want to. In addition, you can suggest other things that you would like us to do that we haven't thought of in this list.

  • Creation of wikis. We are not a wiki farm, but we can create a wiki on one of them and add features for you.
  • Migrating wikis. Migrating a wiki from Wikia can be very difficult. Although we believe that administrators will have a better knowledge of their community to know how to migrate their wiki, we can help them in a migration or even take care of it entirely.
  • Free custom domains. If you want to give your wiki a more professional look but you can't afford to invest in a domain, we can provide a free domain for your wiki.
  • Community of wikis. Becoming a non-Wikia wiki does not mean becoming a lonely wiki: you can join a community of wikis ready to help and advise you.