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The WikiLeague offers a variety of spaces open to everyone depending on what you belong to:

  • I am an administrator of a wiki created outside Wikia or migrated from Wikia to another location. WikiLeague supports wikis located outside Wikia: see the Independent Wikis Department.
  • I am an administrator of a wiki located on Wikia and I want to leave this platform. Let us help you with this major change for your community from the Wikis Migration Department.
  • I am an administrator or contributor on a wiki and I want to learn more about leaving Wikia. You can read a lot of information about why and how to leave Wikia on the Awareness Department.
  • I am a user who wants to create a new wiki. Whether you want to continue to visit this site or not, please DO NOT create your wiki on Wikia (Fandom, Gamepedia, and others) if you want your future community to be free to choose. We can help you create a new site from the New Wikis Department.