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Help, collaborate and liberate
— Welcome to the WikiLeague, for the love of freedom —

Because we think your wikis deserve the best. Because we know how hard it is to create, maintain and support a wiki and a community. Because we want your content to remain free, independent and not be reduced to "fan content". Because we want your community to be able to make its own decisions and choose the future of the work it has done. Because we believe that freedom and independence, even if it means more hardship, is always better than seeing someone else monetize and control your work without ever helping or listening to you. For all these reasons, WikiLeague exists to help you build, free, and improve your wikis according to your choices.

Help yourself and others, collaborate with members to move forward and liberate your content and community.

About icon (The Noun Project).svg About

The WikiLeague is an organization created in 2021 with a single goal: to help wikis grow. We seek to use our experience with wikis to help collaborative encyclopedias flourish freely.
This experience has taught us many things, the main one being that Wikia is not a wiki host. In fact, even Wikia doesn't really know what services they offer: they want to hold the monopoly of wiki hosting while at the same time wanting to turn these wikis into entertainment sites.
We think your wikis deserve better than to be controlled by Wikia's global decisions and reduced to being mixtures of forums, blogs, social networks and entertainment sites. WikiLeague is an alliance of disappointed Wikia contributors whose goal is to help you leave this platform or at least to counteract its decisions.

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The WikiLeague offers a variety of spaces open to everyone depending on what you belong to:

  • I am an administrator of a wiki created outside Wikia or migrated from Wikia to another location. WikiLeague supports wikis located outside Wikia: see the Independent Wikis Department.
  • I am an administrator of a wiki located on Wikia and I want to leave this platform. Let us help you with this major change for your community from the Wikis Migration Department.
  • I am an administrator or contributor on a wiki and I want to learn more about leaving Wikia. You can read a lot of information about why and how to leave Wikia on the Awareness Department.
  • I am a user who wants to create a new wiki. Whether you want to continue to visit this site or not, please DO NOT create your wiki on Wikia (Fandom, Gamepedia, and others) if you want your future community to be free to choose. We can help you create a new site from the New Wikis Department.
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We strongly encourage you to join the WikiLeague. Whether you've had a bad experience on Wikia, want to create a wiki but don't know how to get quality services, or have a wiki on Wikia but don't want to leave this platform, WikiLeague is here to help you.

Sign up Become a member
Font Awesome 5 solid clipboard-list.svg Our services

WikiLeague offers various services for wikis. This list is not exhaustive and becoming a member site of WikiLeague does not mean that we will apply all of these if you don't want to. In addition, you can suggest other things that you would like us to do that we haven't thought of in this list.

  • Creation of wikis. We are not a wiki farm, but we can create a wiki on one of them and add features for you.
  • Migrating wikis. Migrating a wiki from Wikia can be very difficult. Although we believe that administrators will have a better knowledge of their community to know how to migrate their wiki, we can help them in a migration or even take care of it entirely.
  • Free custom domains. If you want to give your wiki a more professional look but you can't afford to invest in a domain, we can provide a free domain for your wiki.
  • Community of wikis. Becoming a non-Wikia wiki does not mean becoming a lonely wiki: you can join a community of wikis ready to help and advise you.
Font Awesome 5 solid comments.svg Discussions and contact

We look forward to hearing from you! WikiLeague offers various communication spaces in addition to the information on the content spaces.
To talk with other members about wikis, join our forums.
To contact us, go to the contact page.