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Like the five pillars of Wikipedia, WikiLeague has a founding constitution. The purpose of this constitution is not to direct users by telling them what not to do, but to give broad guidelines and recommendations on the basic principles to be followed on this wiki, without impinging on your use of it.
They are based on the principle that WikiLeague is a community that helps, collaborates, liberates and belongs to all.

WikiLeague is a community

We are a community of users who are all different but united around a common goal. This means that every effort should be made to keep everyone getting along, helping each other and cooperating. Be kind and treat people and their work with respect, be open to debate without being aggressive, and be polite to everyone.

WikiLeague helps

WikiLeague's first goal is to help you. Ask others for help without fear of being frowned upon, even the most eccentric requests can get a response! Just as you appreciate being helped, know how to help others. Don't just come to be served and answered, offer your help, discover new things!

WikiLeague collaborates

The principle of wikis is that together we can do more than alone. Asking a question, bringing your testimonies and answering other requests will always bring a lot to others: support each other and collaborate.

WikiLeague liberates

Our goal is not to start endless debates, nor to seek conflict. The time for anger and frustration must end, and you must seek to move forward rather than become entrenched in your opinions.

WikiLeague is yours

WikiLeague will never be useful without users. Choose to take this project seriously or not, to contribute to one part or another, but just enjoy what you do. Respect the above rules and ignore all others: this wiki belongs to you.