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The Awareness Department aims to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Wikia and to compare it to other wiki farms. Its main goal is to inform users about the current state of Fandom in order to offer them alternatives later on.

Font Awesome 5 solid check-double.svg To do list

Here is a list of things you could do to improve the department:

  • Create the non-existent pages in the "Content" section
  • Create the FAQ
  • Create pages about wiki farms:
  • Invite other Miraheze wikis you know to participate in building the WikiLeague
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The following is a list of the main content of the Outreach Department. This is not the entire content of the department: all pages related to the Awareness Department category are part of this department.

Disadvantages of Wikia
Comparison with other wiki farms
Font Awesome 5 solid question-circle.svg FAQ
Why should I leave Wikia?

Fandom/Wikia now has many disadvantages that unfortunately outweigh the advantages it used to offer. A wiki on Fandom will not be presented as a wiki but as an "entertainment site for fans", will be entirely controlled by the global staff which will ignore any administrative and community advice if necessary. You will not be free to make your own decisions and despite your complaints and suggestions, you will hardly ever be listened to by a company that only thinks about its profits.

Should I continue to browse the content on Wikia?

Most of the content on the Wikia network is of high quality because it is created by a group of contributors dedicated to their wikis. You can freely use and view these wikis, but we encourage you to block ads with an appropriate ad blocker to prevent the company from using the content of the communities.

But concretely, what are the drawbacks of Wikia?

They are all listed on the pages of the category of disadvantages of Wikia.

Where to go if I leave Wikia?

There are many real wiki farms as alternatives to Fandom/Wikia, such as Miraheze or ShoutWiki. You can also create an independent wiki on MediaWiki. See the Alternatives to Wikia page for more information.

I've decided to create my wiki somewhere else than Wikia, how do I do that?

See the New Wikis Department for more help!

I've decided to leave, how do I migrate my wiki?

See the Migration Department for more help!